It seems like everyone has their own form of therapy. I’m not talking about physical therapy. Mental, emotional, spiritual therapy – that’s what I’m talking about. The kind you know you need when tears spurt out your eyes, ears, and nose or when shoes at Payless start whispering to you.

This therapy you need may be legitimate – counseling sessions, help groups, grand-scale interventions. Okay, we are going to practice going to bed before 2 a.m.. Climb into bed… there you go… nope, nope, stay.. hey, where are you going? Often legitimate therapy involves a professional. Let’s talk about your Swedish Fish addiction. Do you realize the fish are not talking back? Repeat after me: ‘I will start eating carrots.’

Even though the counselors of the world are wonderful and often necessary for a person to be cured of… whatever it is that ails them, does therapy always have to be administered by a professional?

This week, I was reminded of several of my favorite therapies: early-morning jogs, playing favorite piano music on a baby grand, fresh air on a sunny day, quiet and focused (without cheating to get up and check email) moments with God in prayer (that’s the ultimate therapy). I might have found a new one, too: yoga. Thank you, Karen!

I haven’t been doing these things enough lately. I love them. However, somehow the very things I love induce guilt; sad, but true. Sometimes these loves are hard to justify.

Therapy comes in a variety of forms. Whether yours is a package of oreos, a long phone call with a trusty friend, or a simple nap, I encourage you to explore the things that are life-giving and sanity-restoring in your life. Then do them. Don’t say, I’ll wait ‘till tomorrow until I have time. No, silly. Do it now.

If it’s therapeutic and it makes your day a million times better, why WOULDN’T you?

What’s your “therapy?”



3 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Snickers ice cream bars. Acoustic guitar. Nap on the grass. Elijah Bossenbroek. Tennessee. Chicago Dr. Bare feet. Ginger Peach tea.

  2. Ditto the acousatic guitar. Also, old movies (to you, Brooke, that means very old movies–smile)–although I may be confusing escapism with thearpy at this point. I think, more seriously, the most constructive therapy for me is quite frankly, church! I couldn’t get by nearly as well without church. Even imperfect church (the only kind I know about) is good for me. That said, church means more to me than just therapy but as therapy, it is good! Thanks for sharing, asking and listening. Blessings to you.

  3. Yes, definately my acoustic guitar and church.
    Also, clear night skies, long talks with my cousin, writing, drawing, and
    those moments when its quiet – when the only things you seem to hear are the birds, waves repeatedly hitting the beach, the stillness of fresh falling snow, or the crackling of a campfire.

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