I always spell it lattee first. Then I realize, nope, that’s not right. Late. But that’s a different word. Now I’ve got it: two t’s, one e. Latte. What I realized yesterday was that although a latte is a coffee drink, it does not follow the double letter formation of the word coffee. 

That’s why I get confused. Latte. Coffee. Although the two are linked, they couldn’t be more different.

Coffee can stand alone, but lattes are always a concoction. Coffee demands only the die-hards, but lattes welcome newbies. Coffee repulses its enemies, but lattes negotiate peace-treaties.

My motto in life.

I love both coffee and lattes. It’s interesting to me, though, that some people claim that they HATE coffee… but they will drink a raspberry white mocha latte if someone takes them to Starbuck’s (I made that drink up, don’t look for it on the menu). Then there are others who claim they are COFFEE ADDICTS… but when you glance in their mug, the liquid is definitely coffee plus many other ingredients, most likely half and half, sugar, chocolate syrup, regular syrup, and corn syrup. And other things that will most likely cause you to rupture even though they are delicious. 

What constitutes a coffee drinker? Is a latte considered real “coffee?” I’m inclined to say, if you like anything with coffee in it, you can claim to be some level of a coffee-lover. Like the coffee roasts themselves: “mild,” “medium,” “dark,” “fruity,” “smooth.” I think it could work well: What kind of coffee-drinker are you? Oh, I’m the fruity kind… you know. Can’t drink it plain, gotta add all the ‘fixins. You might call me a mildishly fruity coffee-drinker.

Yesterday I went to Lemonjello’s, one of two coffee Meccas of Holland for Hope students. It’s cool, inventive in its drinks, and environmentally-friendly. Lemonjello’s has mastered the art of lattee latte (see, I do it every time). The latte of the day was “Chocolate Chai.”

“Do people like it?” I asked the barista, who I think owns the place but am never sure.

“Yeah,” he said. Knowing that my question had been unhelpful and that I was probably still needing his guru-help, he asked, “Do you like chocolate?”

Duh, said my face.

“Do you like chai?”

Well, easy enough. I ordered that lattee latte. And it was delicious. But it got me thinking, what if we asked the same question of people who drink lattes but not coffee, those strange folk that I don’t really understand. Do you like milk? Yes. Do you like espresso? Well, I can’t say that I do… I’ve never had it. Do you like coffee, then? Not really. Okay, then you probably won’t like a latte. 

But many of them do anyways. It’s baffling. Whatever.


5 thoughts on “Latte

  1. I like coffee (black), but I don’t care for lattes. Too sweet initially, then the bitter aftertaste of the espresso is too much for me.

    And, being Dutch, coffee is much cheaper. I can drink about 10 mugs of coffee (grounds from LJs) for less than the price of a single, small latte.

    I do have to say I enjoy the ultra-sweet non-coffee drinks, like a Green Army Guy, LJ Boost, or the seasonal Orange Tulip. If it is not brewed, more sugar please.

  2. I don’t like coffee. I don’t like lattes. I don’t like anything with coffee in it. I have also never understood how somebody can not like coffee but go to Starbucks or Biggbys and go some fancy COFFEE drink.

  3. I’m with James. I don’t like coffee. In any form. My mother doesn’t understand this. She decided I would like a Caribou Mocha because ‘you can’t taste the coffee flavor in it’. I acquiesced. Wouldn’t you know, all I tasted was coffee. Secretly I think she wanted two drinks but the guilt of ordering them both for herself was too much. 🙂 I promise, if we ever go to a coffee shop I will NOT order anything with coffee in it. Even a lattee. I mean latte.

  4. Latte just means the ratio of milk to foam in a drink. You can have an espresso latte/chai latte/mocha latte. It just means that the main ingredient of the drink is followed by steamed milk and topped with foam. Cafe Latte = Coffee + Milk. Latte = Milk.

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