Do you know what this sentence means?

We say p o d rest well win shared trad auth on B trad and comm law trad pull – Amer flu jus in as ind under shared prin.

Your guess is as good as mine.
Oh, by the way, I wrote that. Yeah…

I looked up “shorthand” on google tonight. I don’t have time to learn shorthand. It’s like Chinese. Every word has a picture of swirls and dots – at least, the version I looked up. On another web page, it said I could buy a book of 5,000 shorthand versions.
I don’t have time to learn shorthand. But considering I don’t have time to write in longhand either, this journalist is in trouble.
I filled six pages of a steno notebook, front and back, with about ten percent of what was said at the debate I attended tonight. I wrote constantly, my hand ached, and I got pen marks on my fingernails. I think people were watching me struggle. They could probably tell I was a newbie.
How do the greats do it????!!!
DON’T tell me they all know shorthand.
Sigh. They probably do.
On a more positive note, I salvaged a couple great quotes from this debate I attended – a friendly war between American and British lawyers over the legality of the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps the best quote of the evening was a good-humored admission made by the Brits in regards to the war: “There is no need for you Yanks to pick at these ancient scabs centuries later. You won; we admit it! Will you all just move on?!”
So I got one good quote. Wll smne tch m shthnd?
(Will someone teach me shorthand?)


One thought on “Shorthand

  1. Well granddaughter. I took shorthand in high school. That’s the only thing we had at the time in my business courses for fast dictation. I used it for a few years on some of my jobs. I learned to use speed writing, abbreviations and shorthand and used all from time to time. It is difficult and I never could get the 120 words a min. Mrs. Hawk wanted us to have before we graduated. I also took it again after we came back from PA in 1977. It sure is easier to just take a tapeplayer with you now a days and just record what you want. I use a little of it now from time to time, but have forgotten most. My mind doesn’t work as fast now as it used to. Wonder why???? I’m not getting old, am I??? Keep on using that good, young mind you have. Enjoy it while you have it. Let me know what all you are doing there. I really would like to know. It sounds like something I would have loved doing, but I had to have your Papa Mc more than an extended education. I got my education on the jobs I worked over the years. Love to you..

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