There are few things in life that frustrate me more than technology problems. For instance, my cord to charge Mackie (my MacBook Pro) has failed to work correctly in the last couple of months. Even when I plug it in, the little light won’t light up unless I give it a shove. I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t pretend to have any Macgyver tendencies. All I know is that I’ll be typing along with about 12 applications open, draining away the life of my computer while I think it’s charging. Then, everything goes black, and I realize I killed Mackie with my overzealous usage. Instantly I want to blame Mackie for not charging, or my cord, or Steve Jobs (rest his soul), or whoever made my computer.

Then a picture pops into my mind… me, and a bunch of spilled water, and a laundry basket full of rice… yes, this was a true life situation from last fall. (When you shake Mackie you can still hear the rice in there.) All that to say: I cause problems with my laptop, so the connection problem with the cord could definitely have something to do with yours truly.

I like to recharge Mackie. She likes to be at 100%. I hate to see the number dip down past 90… I get anxious, even though I know I still have hours and hours of battery life to go. This is a strange paranoia of mine.

If only I recharged myself as zealously as I recharge Mackie, we’d both be a little happier.

Mackie freezes up a lot these days. There’s too many documents, downloads, data, darn megabites or kilabites or whatever you call those things. JPEGS? Laugh if you will. The point is, Mackie is overloaded with information. I see that colorful wheel way too much. It makes me yell and go get a snack and pout. (Yes, I’m a child of Generation Y and I’m impatient and much too dependent on technology.)

I think I could learn a lot from Mackie and her troubles. You know, we all know what recharges us. We all have the cord, the outlet, and the ability to pick it up and plug it in. Unfortunately, I get lazy, and before you know it, I’m at 2% and dangerously close to shutting down.

Like Mackie, I need a charge to keep going. Like Mackie, I can only hold so much.

I had a great weekend toting around Philadelphia. Friends, art galleries, the art museum (the Rocky steps!), stuffed peppers, spin class, church, soft pretzels. What a wonderful weekend. And then Monday hit. Suddenly my to-do list marched in front of my face and said, “missy, you have some explaining to do.” Projects and homework assignments and general life responsibilities started spinning around my head and vying for my attention. It’s like when I have Microsoft Word and iTunes iPhoto and calendar and Skype and email and 37 safari tabs all open, and I want to be using all of them at once, and I need to finish one project so I can go to the next, but all I can do is stare at the busy screen and feel my brain sloooooow down.

That’s when everything freezes. That’s what drains my charge.

This is my call to prayer, to the Psalms, and to mornings with Jesus and coffee. I just bought some gingerbread dark roast at Trader Joe’s, and some pumpkin cream cheese… you know what that means. We are setting the alarm earlier tomorrow. We are getting back in that study bible and prayer notebook. We’re going to listen, to sit still, to breathe in the goodness of God and the aroma of coffee and the truth of the word.

It’s the only way to get back to 100%.


3 thoughts on “Charge

  1. Brooke, you always say the things I need to hear. I can’t wait until I can actually hear these things out loud. I’m sitting in lj’s now and can’t wait for you to sit across from me next semester. We can share a chocolate chip scone. We will motivate each other. I miss you.



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