This Christmas I got a pair of Under Armour gloves. I have never owned anything by this brand before. I wore them yesterday on a run around my neighorhood. Today they were nowhere to be found – their new owner has this terrible habit of losing outerwear. Thankfully the gloves were in my vest pocket, where I left them.

I also got a pink Under Armour shell turtleneck thing for running. Running in it proved its superior quality. I was toasty.

You might think from all this athletic gifting that I’m training for a marathon. Nope.

I originally asked for a new phone for Christmas, but since our whole family will have expired contracts in a few months, we may research the benefits of switching to another cell phone provider. So I told Santa I’d like real winter running clothes instead.

I like my new running gear, but I feel a little elitist in it. Kind of like a fitness imposter. Yes, I run, I’m active, I can follow an Insanity DVD and survive a 5K… but I’m no Jillian. It’s an untypical gift.

I’ve never believed that people who aren’t serious about working out deserve the fancy equipment and accessories. You can’t fool me with your Adidas or your Nike if all you plan to do is cuddle on the couch (sorry).

But the right stuff does give a certain measure of confidence. And hey, I like wearing my Under Armour.

Speaking of untypical gifts, I got a mending kit for Christmas. Yes, sewing is a hobby of mine. Yes, this is a useful gift – I’ve never used mending kits, but I will now. I did make a couple pot holders as gifts this year. And a pillowcase.

I think the mending kit is going to spur this Martha Stewart to new levels of clothes mending and button fixing.

My sister also gave me the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and though I’ve never professed to undying love for Audrey Hepburn, I really like her. (Okay, we did name our car after her, but only because I know she was classy and charming. Not because we’ve seen all her movies).

I saw the movie a month ago in Philadelphia, at a friend’s recommendation. It was quirky, but Audrey’s performance was memorable and cute. I think I’ll like her more after I watch the movie again.

So here’s to expensive outerwear, and here’s to mending kits for amateur sewers, and here’s to Audrey Hepburn and chick flicks. Here’s to my joining the ranks of millions of other people who love all these things. Here’s to my new love relationship with untypical gifts. Here’s to exploring new sides of ourselves.

Here’s to Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Untypical

  1. Brooke, if you haven’t already, be sure to watch Audrey in “Roman Holiday,” her first American film. It’s a fabulously warm-hearted (though bittersweet) romantic comedy, for which she won her only acting Oscar. I think we have it on DVD if you’d like to borrow it.

  2. Donna – true, athletic clothes are often perfect for lounging – exactly the opposite of their intended use! But hey, I won’t judge 🙂 Being comfy is important!
    Dan – I think I did see “Roman Holiday” a long time ago but probably wasn’t old enough to appreciate it. Sounds like I’m due for a re-watch – maybe I can convince Alex to watch it with me 🙂

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