I would like to thank just a couple entities who made today possible. Specifically, Audrey the Sister Car, who refused to quit on the way to St. Paul this morning, even though she was basically gas dry.

Thanks to whoever put dark chocolate coconut-covered cake pops in the break room at my internship. Really, I’m in love with you.

A quick thanks to the angel who watches over laminating machines and X-ACTO blades. Also, thanks to the fifty thousand employees who passed by me standing at the laminating machine and did not mock my sweaty-handed mistakes or ignorance of lamination and X-ACTO blades.

A humungous thank-you to Life Time Fitness, because you hired sweet Becca to be your new recruitment retainment member advisor something or other. And flying her to Minneapolis to job train! (But really, to see me.)

On that note, I’d like to express my gratitude to my iPhone 4 and its “Maps” feature that made my downtown driving not a disaster and maybe a semi-success. You can ask Becca how much of a success. Thank you, Becca, for your cheerful attitude despite some scary gear shifts, a few quick lane changes, and having to read directions to me while we wound our way through the city.

This is Becca with her new friend, the Old Spaghetti Factory. In that building there is pasta. There are cream sauces, loaves of crusty bread, and glasses of strawberry lemonade.

There are silver saucers of spumoni.

In that building we savored those sauces and spooned that spumoni. Thank you Becca, for doing this with me gladly.

(Please ignore our evil eyes.)

To Minneapolis: thank you for your milling history. I don’t know much of it. Soon I would like to visit the Mill City Museum and learn some ridiculously cool facts about the Mill ruin crumbles I am so in awe of/spooked by/admiring.

Thank you God for the breathtaking night, and $2 parking, and the way St. Anthony Falls churned the sunset into its foamy waves, and the full moon I saw on the drive home.

Look at that picture! Click on it. Click on it!

I wish you’d been there.

Thank you, John Mayer, for writing “Shadow Days.” Honestly, I admit I turned Audrey’s volume knob up a tad, and maybe sang to the full moon, and maybe missed an exit.

On another note, thank you, thank you, thank you to the crab(s) who gave your lives to be my Jumbo Crab Ravioli. Your sacrifice was NOT in vain. Oh, no, sirree. Not at all.


2 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. Is a little diversion okay? I took my young friend Noah to the Mill City Museum when he was eight (2008). A lady (docent?) encouraged Noah to watch her children’s demonstration, which featured a table on which a flower and a pile of flour rested. She explained to the little children that some words sound alike but have different meanings. Noah raised his hand and said, “Yeah, they are called homonyms.” She looked at Noah and then looked at me (presumably presuming that I had something to do with his intelligence) and said, “Wow, I think I better kick up my act to a higher level here.” It’s a neat memory. By the way, I couldn’t even spell “homonyms” for this note and needed computer help. I miss Noah. Brooke, we still remember the 4th of July when we all were pulled around a lake on big inner tubes (remember?).

  2. It’s unusual for eight-year-olds to know that word (and now you know it, too, Joel :-)) Noah was lucky to have you to take him on such fun and educational field trips. I do remember the 4th of July on Fish Lake – another memory to be thankful for!

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