boyfriends who let you browse in bookstores

… should be given hugs, fudge-covered ice cream sundaes, and tee times at expensive golf courses.

Let’s say I really love books. Used books, especially. Let’s say I went to Stillwater, MN for a day trip with Boyfriend. Our reason for going: to get out of the cities, to walk along the St. Croix and explore and eat a picnic and see a show. But guess what: I had a little secret heart’s desire…

to sneak into Stillwater’s charming, musty used bookstores, and browse, and adopt some friends.

I think I mentioned this to Boyfriend, and he said, “Sure, we can go in bookstores.” Then, when we found one, he followed me inside very obediently.  To my absolute surprise, he did not interrupt me in my reverie. He did not follow me around. He did not pout, throw a fit, cry, complain, rush me, or say annoying, judgmental comments unwelcome in used bookstores like “you could get that for less on Amazon” and “why are you buying that?” and “do you really have to look at every shelf?”

Actually, I almost forgot he was in the store. At one point, I was immersed in a book about World War II – then I realized Alex was probably lonely and bored out of his mind. I went looking for him.

I sat and watched. After a few minutes, chin on his hand, eyebrows narrowed, he looked up at me and said, “I think I’m winning.”

Book shopping, a wonderful, worthy pastime, is for every day – especially when the books have already been loved, so they only cost about $5. Browsing in bookstores makes me happier than a child at Disney World (but that, too, makes me happy). But it’s not for everyone.

Let’s say Boyfriend likes new, shiny, efficient, straight-out-of-the-packaging things. He also buys e-books for his iPhone, watches technology podcasts, and tells Girlfriend she needs a Kindle when she packs seven heavy books in her carry-on for vacation.

If a girl likes to browse, and her boyfriend isn’t interested, this can cause tension, mean snappy words, and scowls. It may ruin a date. There may be tantrums.

Ladies: advice time.

If you find a boy who isn’t interested, but who will let you browse, and play chess by himself while you shop, and let you love your happy place, and not judge you, and wait for you…

keep him.


8 thoughts on “boyfriends who let you browse in bookstores

  1. This is cute 🙂 My boyfriend is luckily the same way. Except in place of chess, he finds a sports magazine or football book to keep him occupied. Bless them!

  2. Brooke, this is one of the most lovable, enjoyable articles that I have read. I love it. BEST OF ALL, I commend you for your wisdom: KEEP ALEX. A boyfriend with great patience and a sweet spirit (Smart too!) is priceless.

    • Thank you for your sweet words Mrs. Enderlein! I agree, finding a boy like Alex is not easy – and making him famous on a blog may not have been a good idea… I may hav to fend off the crowds for him! 🙂 thank you for reading!

  3. I 100% agree. He could be a keeper. Mine lets me do these things also. I do try to find him a comfortable chair somewhere while I am going over every table and shelf. Remember time about is fair play. I also stand aside when he is shopping for tools in Sears stores, yard sales, etc. This can make for a mutual fun relationship.

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