Bananas for frozen bananas

It’s the summer of frozen bananas. It all started in May with a fondue grad party and too many Oreos and cake balls – stiff competition for a potassium-stocked fruit. So, we were left with a kitchen full of bright yellow bananas, and they all moved into the freezer. I’m not sure if anyone else in my family got excited about this, but I was stoked… especially once I  saw that you can make “ice cream” with frozen bananas and berries in the food processor, or with frozen bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate. The frozen bananas starting flying out of the freezer.  Joy!

I like to use these dark brown friends in smoothies, too, because it’s also the summer of smoothies. My whole family has lived on smoothies this summer. Ninety degree days are not oven-happy, so banana bread is a no-go. Thus, every day the Greek Yogurt, almond milk, and frozen berries and bananas tromp out of the fridge. It’s gotten to the point where the Magic Bullet lives on the counter, and the blade is always in the sink covered in berry seeds. Our Magic Bullet, grinding our frozen bananas, turns our house into a construction zone. It is SO LOUD. The bullet, a birthday gift to my almost-vegetarian sister years ago, needs some TLC or maybe a replacement. My dad is bullet-prejudiced and uses the blender instead to mix his magic smoothies.

Also, my mom has developed a love relationship with Whey Protein powder – you know, the kind super athletes drink in their milk and stuff – and this goes in our smoothies, too. (Note: we are not teenage boys or body builders.) This stuff has like 27 grams of protein per serving. My mom tells us it’s so good for you, it’s such a great source of protein, you should have some within 30 minutes after your workout.

These messages have sunk so deep into our psyches that now we see every workout session as justifying a smoothie. A five-mile run? A five-minute pilates session by the T.V.? GET THE PROTEIN POWDER! Mom will throw in some flax seed, too, and maybe some spinach. We have big fat pastel-colored straws in the pantry. Smoothies are a culture in this household.

And frozen bananas just made blending just so much happier, because I thought I am using up the freezer banana community. This is so productive of me – and hey, it’s nutritious and yummy, too. 

This morning, I was going bananas to find a frozen banana. I looked behind the frozen cupcakes. I looked under the black bean burgers, and the nasty-looking scones from December, and the frozen walnuts. No bananas!


The thing is, I’m not a huge fan of plain yellow bananas. Dipped in peanut butter? Yes. Chocolate-covered? Sure thing. Banana split? Definitely. It’s just that they’re so… plain. But as the foundation of a vegan ice cream, or a post-workout smoothie, bananas make things possible. They’re go-getters. They’re equalizers, too – babies love them, CEOs eat them, Curious George eats them. They starred in their own T.V. show: “Bananas in Pajamas.” Did you ever see that show? Oh, man. It was so… weird, but good. But… weird.

So, all that to say, if your freezer is full of frozen bananas, and you don’t know what to do with them…

I will gladly take those happy frozen friends out of your freezer for you.


3 thoughts on “Bananas for frozen bananas

  1. I loved Bananas in Pajamas when I was a kid…it was indeed a very strange show looking back. Just FYI, you are more than welcome to try out any smoothie recipes on me next semester. 🙂

  2. Delightful, Brooke! You find colorful ways to describe everyday activities, and we drink in the joy of your well-chosen words. YUM, every time I have a smoothie, I am going to think of YOU.

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