Every blue car is Daddy’s

I think every blue car is my Daddy’s car.

Pictured below:  his real car. But the world is teeming with lookalikes!


Wherever I go, I always look twice. I know intuitively that my dad is not the only owner of a blue (2010?) Honda Civic, and that it is, in fact, common to buy a car that thousands of other people own and drive on a daily basis. This is a solid fact. This fact has not yet reached my conscious brain. I am not lying when I tell you these questions go through my mind when I see a Lookalike: What is dad doing here? Why is dad parked in the neighbor’s driveway? Why does dad look suspiciously like a 50-year-old black woman?

Omnipresent Daddy

Every time I see a blue car like Daddy’s, I literally think IT’S DADDY.


Which makes me think, man, Dad really gets around. I mean, it’s constant.

I see him on the way home from work.
I see him at the gas station.
I park when I’m out shopping and around a corner, there’s Dad’s car.

Every time, I think, what the heck? Dad doesn’t take this route home from work! Dad’s at his haircut!  I thought Dad was at the gym!

Sometimes it gets a little creepy. I’m checking Facebook or reading my text messages glancing down at my phone while traffic inches along during rush hour, and a blue car slinks on by. It’s like my dad is the LORD, and he’s just checking in to see how things are going…

A Honda family

We’re a Honda family. I drive a tan Honda Civic (a decade older than Dad’s car). My mom drives a Honda Pilot. Even my fiancé has a grey Civic. Sometimes my house looks like a dealership.

What will your next car be, my friends ask. When Audrey dies?

Audrey, my car, has over 160,000 miles, a broken tape player, and a habit of growling when I shift.

I’m twenty-two. What I know about cars could make grown men cry. How many makes and models of cars can I list that I could actually identify on the freeway? You could fit this list inside a grain of rice. Um… please don’t quiz me. It’s not even funny.

I know Hondas! What’s a Chevy? Toyota? Lamborghini smamborgini!

Every paycheck, I stash away some money for a car. What car, you ask?

Based on everything I’ve just told you, what do you think?



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