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baby love

Babies trust, so much. My heart hurts every time I babysit, and the parents leave, and the baby’s eyes get big and hurt. They think mommy and daddy are gone for good. And yet somehow, they always trust you eventually, you, the caregiver, enough to be happy again. Baby Evelyn cried and cried when she … Continue reading


verb: make someone be quiet or stop talking. noun: a silence. Two times in my life hush me. One is when it snows a heavy snow and the world is muffled under it. Like Michigan, now. When you walk in snow boots, your feet don’t really touch the sidewalk. There is an inch of packed … Continue reading


I met some of the most generous people today. It was the most unexpected thing, because I was babysitting, and you don’t typically meet people while babysitting. Here’s what I expected for my Friday night: Adorable Two-Year-Old and I would play. We would read books. We would take puppy for a walk. To her delight, … Continue reading