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reads for chilly winter days

Cue short spew of complaints: a sore throat and sinus issues totally incapacitated me today beyond the ability to sit on my behind and read. You understand how this works. For goodness’ sake, Minnesota is experiencing negative temperatures, so I guess I should be thankful for the excuse to stay inside. Was I thankful? Hmm… … Continue reading

heartbeat, a little too fast, and how we cope

My heart’s going full-throttle like a middle school drummer on a trap set, possibly because I just downed two cups of strong coffee. someone by my name (maybe with my credit card) just bought thirteen books on Amazon.com. Is this an addiction, or just life? Examine the signs – shaky hands and rapid breathing. Check … Continue reading

boyfriends who let you browse in bookstores

… should be given hugs, fudge-covered ice cream sundaes, and tee times at expensive golf courses. Let’s say I really love books. Used books, especially. Let’s say I went to Stillwater, MN for a day trip with Boyfriend. Our reason for going: to get out of the cities, to walk along the St. Croix and … Continue reading


From about age five until I graduated from high school, the public library had a magnetism I could not avoid. I got a library card as soon as I could print my name – my signature is childish, loopy, uneven letters printed in black Sharpie. The library was brick, surrounded by bulbous conifer bushes. Just … Continue reading