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boyfriend and his football

Boyfriend is head-over-heels in love… with a pigskin-covered ellipsoid. Or, just football. “We are 3-0 for the first time since 2008!” Boyfriend told me excitedly in a text message earlier this evening. Yes, lovely, Boyfriend. I am painting my nails and sipping peppermint tea, writing a paper on The Epic of Gilgamesh at my desk with the … Continue reading

boyfriends who let you browse in bookstores

… should be given hugs, fudge-covered ice cream sundaes, and tee times at expensive golf courses. Let’s say I really love books. Used books, especially. Let’s say I went to Stillwater, MN for a day trip with Boyfriend. Our reason for going: to get out of the cities, to walk along the St. Croix and … Continue reading