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Pushing yellow lights

I don’t like sitting in the car. I don’t like it one bit. Because of it, I’ve been pushing yellow lights all week to try and speed up the waiting. And of course, I am then chided by a red light just as I skim across the intersection. Oops. Yes, I know it’s slippery and extremely … Continue reading

this frozen world

Boyfriend surprised me with a new digital camera for Christmas, and I am viewing the dim, glimmering, frozen northern world around me differently through its lens. Last week Boyfriend flew off to sunny Sarasota. He will enjoy the holidays with Mickey Mouse, palm trees, and tanned relative natives. Already he’s utilized the fact that you … Continue reading

to be cleansed

For many college students, Christmas is a season of detoxing from all the virulent nastiness of a busy, stressful semester. With sixteen weeks of never-ending study completed culminating in a hellish finals week, we collapse in weary heaps in our childhood beds, finished with finals but nevertheless feeling grimy and covered in grit. We need … Continue reading


The only pan left in the oven held two loaves of French bread. Nine people sat around the Christmas tree poking at presents, ready to eat. On the timer: twenty minutes. Ashley hadn’t started the bread early enough. The glazed ham glistened and the goblets on the table caught the light of the tree. Stomachs … Continue reading