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The morality of backyard pools

When we were girls, my mom always told Ashley and I that a pool was more trouble than it was worth. And we wanted a pool so awfully it made us tremble to think about it, with glistening blue water and long plastic pool chairs and inflatables. We wanted to wake up on a hot … Continue reading

‘Tis so sweet

I ate pieces of pound cake and Rice Krispy treats for breakfast this morning. (Hey. You’ve done it too. Don’t judge.) Yep. Remnants of yesterday’s party. You know what? I think this meal totally count as breakfast food. Basically like a muffin and cereal, right? Oh, and I also drank a banana smoothie, because my … Continue reading


I am really so sorry for my infrequent posts. What kind of writer blogs once a month? Solution: stop washing dishes and cleaning out my purse. Sit down. Put words together. (Combine with coffee, fresh air, and peace and tranquility.) This is my vow: I will do better. I will write more. Hold me to … Continue reading


Have you ever wished for a holiday devoted expressly to you? A holiday in which the whole world celebrated your existence, basked in your presence, rejoiced in your awesomeness? You’ve got one. It’s your birthday. Yes, it’s true that you don’t automatically get to stay home from work on your birthday. And it’s also true … Continue reading


My grandma gets A+’s in hospitality. Ten desserts at every meal, vacuumed guest rooms, and fresh coffee coming out the wazoo every morning. Yes, Grandma was born to hostess. I like watching her hustle around her Oklahoma kitchen with determination to refill everyone’s iced tea, bring you one more piece of cake, take your plate. … Continue reading


My definitions of the word “sister,” after almost 20 years of being one and having one. Age 3: That fat baby who lives across the hall! At this point you are unsure of the implications of sisterhood. But because “baby Ashley” gave you a present when she was born, you think you might keep her. … Continue reading