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to be cleansed

For many college students, Christmas is a season of detoxing from all the virulent nastiness of a busy, stressful semester. With sixteen weeks of never-ending study completed culminating in a hellish finals week, we collapse in weary heaps in our childhood beds, finished with finals but nevertheless feeling grimy and covered in grit. We need … Continue reading


The only pan left in the oven held two loaves of French bread. Nine people sat around the Christmas tree poking at presents, ready to eat. On the timer: twenty minutes. Ashley hadn’t started the bread early enough. The glazed ham glistened and the goblets on the table caught the light of the tree. Stomachs … Continue reading

Compulsion. Compelling. Compel

What was it, exactly, that compelled me to visit my ethics professor that rainy morning, earlier this week, in his office, down a skinny hallway? Raincoat zipped up to my chin, I skirted past the secretary and stared with wide eyes at the nameplates by each door. Paper in hand. Questioned the compulsion. People blame … Continue reading


Last week my sister asked me, “What is ‘traffic light’ in Spanish?” I frowned. Five years of Spanish class, and I had forgotten the easy vocabulary. All week I wondered. All last week, I threw Spanish phrases at my sister. This was partly because I had to make up for embarrassing deficiencies as a Spanish minor … Continue reading


My grandma gets A+’s in hospitality. Ten desserts at every meal, vacuumed guest rooms, and fresh coffee coming out the wazoo every morning. Yes, Grandma was born to hostess. I like watching her hustle around her Oklahoma kitchen with determination to refill everyone’s iced tea, bring you one more piece of cake, take your plate. … Continue reading


I’m interested to know what your definition of “compassion” is – because my own is still coming together, word by word. The idea is easy enough to understand – sympathetic pity or concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all word (how many words are, really?) Compassion is a Biblical concept, … Continue reading