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The morality of backyard pools

When we were girls, my mom always told Ashley and I that a pool was more trouble than it was worth. And we wanted a pool so awfully it made us tremble to think about it, with glistening blue water and long plastic pool chairs and inflatables. We wanted to wake up on a hot … Continue reading

‘Tis so sweet

I ate pieces of pound cake and Rice Krispy treats for breakfast this morning. (Hey. You’ve done it too. Don’t judge.) Yep. Remnants of yesterday’s party. You know what? I think this meal totally count as breakfast food. Basically like a muffin and cereal, right? Oh, and I also drank a banana smoothie, because my … Continue reading

Open houses and afros

It’s that time of year – my Facebook inbox is flooding with invitations. “You’re invited to (so-and-so’s) graduation open house!” Six on a single Saturday, and at every party there are cans of pop lying in a bin of ice, veggie trays, and that bakery cake with the sugary, sugary icing piped around the edges. … Continue reading


My definitions of the word “sister,” after almost 20 years of being one and having one. Age 3: That fat baby who lives across the hall! At this point you are unsure of the implications of sisterhood. But because “baby Ashley” gave you a present when she was born, you think you might keep her. … Continue reading