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Bananas for frozen bananas

It’s the summer of frozen bananas. It all started in May with a fondue grad party and too many Oreos and cake balls – stiff competition for a potassium-stocked fruit. So, we were left with a kitchen full of bright yellow bananas, and they all moved into the freezer. I’m not sure if anyone else … Continue reading

Summers then and now

When I was a child…. Okay, time out. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you are! Listen here, I am an adult. Twenty-one, in fact, college student, intern, waitress, and six flipping feet tall, thank you very much. Thank you for settling down. So when I was a child, three months of summer … Continue reading

The morality of backyard pools

When we were girls, my mom always told Ashley and I that a pool was more trouble than it was worth. And we wanted a pool so awfully it made us tremble to think about it, with glistening blue water and long plastic pool chairs and inflatables. We wanted to wake up on a hot … Continue reading

Why I cry at races

When people cheer at races, I have to try really, really hard not to bawl. Weird, I know! Not because I’m unhappy, like oh these poor runners, but because I’m emotional and reflective.  It requires me shutting up because if I cheer, too, my voice will crack and everyone nearby will look at me funny and go … Continue reading

C’est la vie

After ten days of being home, I have realized I belong to a very specific club: “Welcome to the Society for Young Seasonally-Employed Of-Age-Mostly-Educated Home-Dwelling Student-Professionals with Small Incomes, Impending Graduation, and No Clue What’s Next!” I really want a New Members Kit. Finals finished two weeks ago, and I moved home, tucked my semester into … Continue reading