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Transitions and altars

While you were sleeping on Saturday night, we transitioned. Stepped straight into September. New months are nothing new, but somehow September signifies more than just a new month. It’s summer’s end, autumn’s advent, and  back-to-school season. Since I was five years old, September meant school. For the past four years, I journeyed back to college … Continue reading

(to) submit (or not to) submit

I’m a failed blogger. Actually, let me explain – I blog every day. But not on my dear “A Word Paints a Thousand Pictures.” I’ve been writing a good bit for work, and if you connect with me on Google+, you’ll see I’m not a liar. Sadly, I’ve simply dropped the ball on this just-for-fun … Continue reading

After Boston: what we wrap ourselves in

Horrified. How else to feel after a race gone awry, after shrapnel and blood rained on Boston’s runner’s high? I heard of what happened, appropriately, while running on the treadmill. I guess the gym must be the only place I watch the evening news, because I remember the headlines of the Newtown shooting alerting me … Continue reading

How great thou art

When I was seven years old, on a frigid January night, my dad baptized me in our church baptistery. That was the night I publicly confessed my desire to follow Jesus as his disciple, my faith in his saving grace. That night we sang my favorite hymns (yes, I had favorites at age seven). One … Continue reading

Summers then and now

When I was a child…. Okay, time out. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you are! Listen here, I am an adult. Twenty-one, in fact, college student, intern, waitress, and six flipping feet tall, thank you very much. Thank you for settling down. So when I was a child, three months of summer … Continue reading

‘Tis so sweet

I ate pieces of pound cake and Rice Krispy treats for breakfast this morning. (Hey. You’ve done it too. Don’t judge.) Yep. Remnants of yesterday’s party. You know what? I think this meal totally count as breakfast food. Basically like a muffin and cereal, right? Oh, and I also drank a banana smoothie, because my … Continue reading