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I don’t want to write today

It’s 2:24 p.m. on Friday. The library is quiet. Outside, it is an Indian summer kind of day, 68 degrees with the yellow-green leaves fluttering on semi-full trees. Fall is near. It’s a gentle day, a sunny day letting go of one week and ushering in a new one. I’m sipping coffee from my favorite … Continue reading

C’est la vie

After ten days of being home, I have realized I belong to a very specific club: “Welcome to the Society for Young Seasonally-Employed Of-Age-Mostly-Educated Home-Dwelling Student-Professionals with Small Incomes, Impending Graduation, and No Clue What’s Next!” I really want a New Members Kit. Finals finished two weeks ago, and I moved home, tucked my semester into … Continue reading


Last week my sister asked me, “What is ‘traffic light’ in Spanish?” I frowned. Five years of Spanish class, and I had forgotten the easy vocabulary. All week I wondered. All last week, I threw Spanish phrases at my sister. This was partly because I had to make up for embarrassing deficiencies as a Spanish minor … Continue reading