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Summers then and now

When I was a child…. Okay, time out. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you are! Listen here, I am an adult. Twenty-one, in fact, college student, intern, waitress, and six flipping feet tall, thank you very much. Thank you for settling down. So when I was a child, three months of summer … Continue reading

Blog from the Metro Transit Bus

We’re all so private on the morning bus commute to Minneapolis. And honestly, I’m secretly relieved no one sits down in the seat next to me and asks, “what’s your name, honey? Where are you headed?”As a newbie to Metro Transit, I am still fascinated by my 90-minute ride to St. Paul. I just like … Continue reading


If A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens left us with one conclusion, it was this: there is hope for even the crabbiest Ebenezer. Bob Cratchit’s good attitude and tenacity did count for something in the end, and Scrooge’s heart did have the capacity to soften, and ghosts do exist (okay, maybe that one’s debatable). Beyond the … Continue reading


It is one of the jobs that keep the world running smoothly. Waitresses are often criticized, usually mistake-prone, and sometimes stellar. They are divine harbingers of good cuisine, but they can wreck a dining experience with slow feet or bad memory. The job description is simple in principle, but in practice it may combine the … Continue reading